About Neighbourhood Forums

A Neighbourhood Plan is monitored and developed by a Forum.

A Forum is a group of local residents, businesses and community groups who share an interest in planning issues that impact the local neighbourhood. As a Forum member you can have as little as much involvement as you like. This can range from joining the Steering Group to attending the occasional consultation events. All Forum members receive newsletter updates and will have the opportunity to Vote on planning policies when they come to be written. 

The Forum

There must be a minimum of 21 people in a Forum but can be as many as several hundred. About 20,000 live in and around the Roman Road Bow area and we need representatives from all groups - local businesses, residents, charity workers, youth groups, schools, places of worship, councillors, market traders, and housing associations.

A Forum member doesn't have to be able to attend every single meeting and event. If you can join us sporadically or temporarily we want to hear from you and to have your vote when decisions need making.

A Forum sometimes forms advisory groups within it as well as a Coordination Group to manage the advisory groups. The advisory groups help lead on specialist areas such as transport, health or public realm. The Coordination Group helps ensure essential work and deadlines are met. The Coordination Group reports monthly to the Steering Committee.

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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of local representatives who lead the Forum. The Steering Committee is essentially a working group that organises the necessary consultations, meetings and communications needed to bring the community together and identify key issues. The Steering Committee will commonly include members who contribute have specialist knowledge in the areas of public realm, health, development, transport, planning and town planning.

The role of the Steering Committee is to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan meets the timetable and standard necessary to submit it for independent examination.  The Steering Committee for the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan currently meets every three weeks and committee members are expected to contribute approximately an hour of their time per week on top of Steering Committee meetings and Forum meetings.

 Find out more about the roles on our Steering Committee here.