Updated Boundary

The Original Boundary was designated by Tower Hamlets Council in February 2017.

During the six weeks of consultation over the proposed neighbourhood plan in March-April 2021, it was pointed out that several small pieces of land in the existing plan area bordering the A12 Blackwall Tunnel road are inside the boundary of the London Legacy Development Corporation area, a neighbouring planning authority. These pieces of land cannot, therefore, be included in the Roman Road Bow neighbourhood plan area.

This means a strip of land along the edge of the A12 within the proposed site for housing behind Wendon Street, (page 34 of the draft plan), has to be excluded from the proposed site and neighbourhood plan.

In addition, the proposed designated local green space between the A12 and Wick Lane south of Tredegar Road (page 51 of the draft plan) has to be excluded from the draft plan.

The other land removed from the Neighbourhood Plan Area, for which there are no proposals in the neighbourhood plan, are i) he area between Payne Road, the A12, and the A11 (McDonald’s drive-through site), and ii) a small strip of land between the A12 and the back of housing plots on Cadogan Terrace.

To resolve this issue, the Council cabinet approved an amended neighbourhood plan boundary at its meeting on 30th June 2021. A map showing the new boundary is shown below.

The neighbourhood area consists of all of Bow West and Bow Eastwards except for Victoria Park and the parts that are included in the LLDC planning area. The boundary is the same as that which was designated in 2017, except for the correction of the exact position of the boundary between Tower Hamlets and the LLDC.

Amended boundary for Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan

One thought on “Updated Boundary

  1. I object to the change to the boundary of the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan for the following reasons: 1. I do not believe that the LLDC should have juresdiction over land to the west of the A12 Blackwall Tunnel road. 2. The LLDC wants to convert the foot/cycle bridge which crosses the A12 between Old Ford Road and Crown Close into an all traffic bridge. This would be a disaster for traffic levels in Bow and completely contrary to the support of local people for the Liveable Streets proposals for Bow. 3. The LLDC opposed plans for affordable housing on the brownfield site behind Wendon Street because the proposals threatened their plans for a road bridge between Old Ford Road and Crown Close. The Neighbourhood Forum should oppose the LLDC’s plans for a road bridge between Old Ford Road and Crown Close , oppose the claims by LLDC to juresdiction over land to the west of the A12 and support the original planning proposals for affordable housing behind Wendon Street. .

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