Final Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan passed its independent examination and was the subject of a local referendum in October 2022.

The turnout was 12.28%, with 70% of voters (1,743) voting ‘yes’ to the plan and 736 voting ‘no’. The plan was adopted at a full meeting of Tower Hamlets Council on 16th November 2022. The plan now carries full weight in local planning decisions.

The Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the borough’s development plan, and is a material planning consideration in any applications within the neighbourhood planning area.

The five-year life of the Neighbourhood Forum ended in 2022 and a new application was submitted to the Council to enable the Forum to continue as the officially designated body.

The next phase of our work over the coming years is to monitor the use of the adopted Neighbourhood Plan, and to promote sustainable development across the plan area.

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Several reports have been compiled and commissioned since 2016, all of which have provided the Forum with vital local knowledge that has contributed to the Draft Plan. These are all publicly available here: