Amendment on the boundary: comments invited

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The Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum invites you to comment on the impact of the amended boundary on the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan by 15th August. The original plan area boundary was designated by Tower Hamlets Council in February 2017. During the 6 week consultation over the proposed neighbourhood plan in March-April 2021, it was pointed out that […]

Community Engagement Report

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We have undertaken a very rigorous public engagement which has made every effort to be as inclusive as possible by: Hosting events in neighbourhoods in collaboration with community ambassadors and residents Engaging children through school Devising walks in the local area Asking for opinions on digital platform – Placecheck The only recommendation here is to […]

GIS map of Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan proposed area boundary

Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum submits boundary area proposal

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Public consultation of the proposed area and boundary for the Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan is now underway.Following eight months of consultation, the Roman Road Neighbourhood Plan group submitted the proposal for the Roman Road Neighbourhood area and boundary on 28 October 2016. The application met the regulatory requirements and the consultation period is now in […]

Appropriate consideration given to boundary inclusions and exclusions

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The Roman Road Neighbourhood Forum consider the neighbourhood area boundary appropriate, as it not only includes businesses along a section of the Roman Road, (east of Grove Road up to the A12), but a significant area within the boundary includes residential communities for which the Roman Road is their closest high street: communities lying to […]