Steering Committee members

Our Steering Committee members

The Steering Committee is a group of local representatives who lead the Forum. It is a working group of local people who help organise the necessary consultations, meetings and communications needed to bring the community together and identify key issues.

The Steering Committee also includes members who contribute specialist knowledge in the areas of public realm, health, development, transport, planning and town planning.

The role of the Steering Committee is to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan meets the timetable and standard necessary to submit it for independent examination.  

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Alex Holmes Chair

Alex is a local resident and Chief Operating Officer for Government Digital Service. As Chair, Alex calls meetings, leads the Steering Committee group, resolves conflicts, ensures the Committee works efficiently and represents the Forum at consultations and Council meetings. 

Lee Sargent Secretary

Lee is a local resident and works at Calverts printing cooperative in Bethnal Green. He is the Secretary of the Steering Committee in charge of the Minutes and maintaining organisational and legal documents.

Nadia Wilkinson Membership Officer

Nadia is a local resident and in charge of maintaining our database of Forum members and gathering data on signups. 

Sarah Allan Planning and Development Advisor

Sarah lives on the edge of Victoria Park. She is an architect, urban designer and project manager with 20 years experience supporting public, private and voluntary sector clients. Sarah is a member of Hackney Council’s design review panel, a Design Council Cabe Built Environment Expert and a committee member for the National Community Land Trust Network funding panel.

Torange Khonsari Community Development Advisor

Founder of Public Works and architecture tutor at The Cass School of Art & Architecture, Torange is a pioneer of grassroots-led masterplanning. She has worked with multiple local authorities on major community development projects and has successfully bid for significant community development funds.

Tabitha Stapely Committee Member

Tabitha is a local resident and has worked with the Roman Road Trust and the Council on a number of community-led regeneration initiatives. Stapely stepped down from the Forum in 2018.

Mike Mitchell Fundraising Officer

Mike is a local resident, a former social worker and part of the Good Shepherd Mission in Bethnal Green. He acts as the Steering Committee's fund raiser and oversees report writing and applications.

Want to join the Steering Committee?

We are looking for members to join the Neighbourhood Forum's Steering Committee and to help ensure the Neighbourhood Forum meets the timetable and standard necessary to submit it for independent examination.

The Steering Committee for the Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Plan currently meets every three weeks and committee members are expected to contribute approximately an hour of their time per week on top of Steering Committee meetings and Forum meetings.  Most roles are shared to spread the commitments and make it more fun. A great way to make new friendships in the community!

Vacant Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair would support the Chair in setting meetings, leading committee meetings, resolving conflicts, representing the Forum at consultations and Council meetings, and ensuring the Committee performs efficiently.

Vacant Media Officer

Manage a small but regular amount of communications with our Forum members, neighbouring community groups and Neighbourhood Plan organisations. Involves some Mailchimp, Facebook and Twitter action.

Vacant Treasurer

Supporting the Fundraiser, the Treasurer will produce monthly statements and help prepare budgets for events and grant applications. A modest role given our modest spending.

Vacant Event Organiser

This role involves helping organise consultation events and meetings alongside our Membership Officer. Duties involve booking venues and ensuring necessary equipment and refreshments are organised.