Draft Plan

Draft Plan

Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Forum has developed a draft plan based on evidence gathered from the local community since its inception in 2016. The most recent version of the plan, updated in October 2021, is available below.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Tower Hamlets Council in October 2021

The next steps are:

  • The Council will check that the documents submitted meet the legal requirements, and then carries out a 6-week consultation on the plan.
  • The Council appoints (in cooperation with the Forum) an independent examiner to check the Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and other legal matters. The examiner submits a report on the plan.
  • If the examiner decides legal requirements have been met, a local referendum on the plan is held. (Everyone can vote who lives in the referendum area and is entitled to vote in local elections).
  • If a majority votes in favour, the plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area, sitting under the Tower Hamlets Local Plan 2031.

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Several reports have been compiled and commissioned since 2016, all of which have provided the Forum with vital local knowledge that has contributed to the Draft Plan. These are all publicly available here: